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Soya King Can Label Design

Client: Soya King
Tasks involved: Label Design, Graphic Design

Once the logo was designed we moved onto designing the label for the can of soya cutlets that is their main product. the original design(shown in the smaller image) for the can we did used 2 stock images of soya cutlets and a frying pan that were photoshopped together. The can has had an update since then using a new image that was from a photoshoot we did for the website, cutout from it's background and placed on the can. The client had firm ideas as to the layout and colours used so we designed the label accordingly - they loved the finished design and it's now in use on all of their cans.

Other Projects.

What our clients say.

  • Ben Allen, Buyrite Enterprises Limited

    From the initial brief through to finished design, the professionalism and expertise of the team is second to none. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a graphic designer.

  • Enable Inclusive Support Ltd.

    I would highly recommend Pablo Design (I already have) and look forward to a long relationship with them as we aim to develop our business.

  • SML Group Ltd.

    Best design work + economical pricing + attention to detail is how I would sum it up

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