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Last week I got my first client through Twitter - I've had a Twitter and Facebook account for quite a while now - I never use Facebook for my personal life - probably don't have one 🙂 but I thought that for business it would be useful to set the accounts up. I've found that for connecting to other people and networking that Twitter is far better than Facebook - maybe I just don't get Facebook or am using it wrong but Twitter seems easier to use and you can get more followers a lot quicker.

As I said at the beginning of this post - I just got my first client through Twitter - because I followed them and to me that makes it worthwhile to use - Facebook we'll have to wait and see!

What our clients say.

  • Enable Inclusive Support Ltd.

    I would highly recommend Pablo Design (I already have) and look forward to a long relationship with them as we aim to develop our business.

  • Kimon Anastassiades, isecurity services

    Customers are always commenting on how professional my website looks. I am thrilled with the service provided. Excellent value. I would highly recommend Pablo Design. Outstanding service from start to end. It has boosted my business sales from the day one.

  • Amli Design | Architectural Consultancy

    Paul offered a fantastic, quick, and knowledgeable service in creating my new website- and more than happy to help afterwards also. Very recommended

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