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Never thought I'd see this day....

This is a common saying heard throughout the city yesterday and one I've said a few times over the last few weeks. Still pinching myself expecting to wake up soon...Leicester City are Champions of the Premier League!!

So I packed my camera (and my family) and ventured into the city to see our Champions open bus tour, a well deserved victory parade for all the city stars who have made dreams a reality and brought hope to the city again. A city that has never had much belief, never had much reason to, but now anything seems possible. All of a sudden people are believing in the impossible, could we win the Champions League, could England win the Euros and could Claudio Ranieri bring about world peace!! Who knows - but one thing is for sure - hundreds of thousands of people had a great time yesterday celebrating our heroes and celebrating our City. Pride has been restored. Faith has never been higher. Bring on next season...


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    Best design work + economical pricing + attention to detail is how I would sum it up

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    Paul offered a fantastic, quick, and knowledgeable service in creating my new website- and more than happy to help afterwards also. Very recommended

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    From the initial brief through to finished design, the professionalism and expertise of the team is second to none. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a graphic designer.

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