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This week I've been working long hours to make sure that I don't miss a deadline on a newsletter that I'm designing for a client. They need it for a particular date and it's getting very tight with all the amends they keep making. But that's part of the joys of being a graphic designer. You have to hit the deadlines or no one will use you. I'll be glad when it's done and I relax with a beer knowing that the client is pleased and look froward to the next time!!

I have just received my A6 promotional cards back from the printer and and about to go out and about delivering them through business letterboxes and talking to potential clients - lets hope this works - I only need one client for the cards to pay for themselves. Also just sent out a targeted email campaign to local businesses to see if I get any response that way as well.

Why is self promotional work so hard to do? Is it a lack of time to cencentrate upon it or is it the lack of a brief. When designing for my clients I don't always get a brief but they do know roughly what they want and I can talk to them and between us we work out their needs and design something appropriate for them. When doing work for myself I have no brief and so no clear idea of what I want - except more work!! Maybe next time I do my own promotional work I need to write myself a brief! I now understand a client better when they say they don't really know what they want - can I just do something and go from there. Not the way to work... but at least I know how they feel.

I watched the Royal Wedding last Friday with my daughter, whilst watching I noticed the C&W monogram logo that they were using throughout the coverage on the BBC. I liked the design but it bugged me a little that the C came before the W in the design when it should really have been the other way around. That is until I realised that it would spell WC. I'm sure I would have done the same as whoever designed those graphics to avoid that.

Starting out on my own at a time when work is hard to come by is both exciting and terrifying. I'm looking forward to getting my own clients and being my own boss, but at the same time I worry about not getting any clients and not making enough money to survive. In the next few weeks I'm going to be designing my own leaflet to try and gain a few more clients. If anybody has any tips for me please feel free to let me know them as all help will be gratefully received.

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