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I just added a new T-shirt to my spreasdshirt shop. Just trying to start with some new designs to se how it goes - the actual shop needs a lot of work yet to get it to look better. Let me know what you think of the design or if you have an idea for a t-shirt. I fyou would like yo order one please order one here

Last week I got my first client through Twitter - I've had a Twitter and Facebook account for quite a while now - I never use Facebook for my personal life - probably don't have one 🙂 but I thought that for business it would be useful to set the accounts up. I've found that for connecting to other people and networking that Twitter is far better than Facebook - maybe I just don't get Facebook or am using it wrong but Twitter seems easier to use and you can get more followers a lot quicker.

As I said at the beginning of this post - I just got my first client through Twitter - because I followed them and to me that makes it worthwhile to use - Facebook we'll have to wait and see!

I've just joined bttradespace the directory / social media website for BT. I don't know if it's going to work for me but I thought I'd give it a try as I'm a bit quiet at the moment. If anybody has any tips on how to get leads through this site then please let me know. Likewise if I have any success I'll let others know about it too.

I recently came across this label on the back of ASDA's essential shaving foam can. Once you read it you can see the error in how it's been laid out. Surely someone knew what they were doing on this label. This is why it's so important to proof read your jobs - not just for the spelling but the context. I've noticed that ASDA have now changed the label to be less controversial.

Being a self confessed Apple Fan Boy I normally can't wait for all the keynotes to see what new product is coming out. Not sure I'm that bothered about the iPad 3 release tomorrow. Maybe it's because I think it will be just a small refresh of the product with nothing groundbreaking coming out, or maybe it's because I can't afford to buy one!! I hope tomorrow's iPad 3 release is great and it surprises me with a new device that I want but can't have. Here's to all the other Apple Fan Boys out there

On Monday I had a spare 5 minutes so I did some photography at Watermead Park in Birstall, just around the corner from me, to try and take photos of birds in flight.. This proved to a big challenge. They moved so fast. I think I got a few nice shots but will need to try again and see if I can do better. Take a look at my flickr gallery to see the results.


After investing in some new kit I'm now offering my services as a photographer for product photography. So if your company needs any products shots for your website or a company brochure give me a call to find out my fees and how I can help you.


Watermead Park in Birstall is a great place for the family, and a great place for me to try out some creative photography. I tried to capture details of the park rather than landscapes to try and focus the images on particular objects/subjects. If anybody wants to use any of these images or anybody needs some photographs taking for their company please contact me to discuss. 0116 267 2840

I recently attended a Training day for search engine optimisation in Leicester. It was a very informative day and reaffirmed my previous training. Search engine optimisation is sometimes seen as a black art and a lot of myths are out there as to how to be number one in google. Keywords being the biggest myth I believe. Apparently Google never has and never will look at the keyword metatag. So all those people cramming the keyword metatag with hundreds of keywords are wasting their time.

If you'd like some help with your search engine optimisation at affordable rates please contact me to discuss your SEO needs
0116 267 2840 studio@pablodesign.co.uk

After finishing the newsletter and meeting the deadline I find myself with a bit more time to look for more work - I never did distribute my postcard around the local area - so I'll use this time to do just that and see what response I get. Of course if anybody does need an experienced graphic designer in the Leicester area please contact me and I'll be happy to come along for a free initial consultation. 0116 267 2840 studio@pablodesign.co.uk

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